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The site dedicated to teaching arduino programming, troubleshooting, as well as systems development & design. Beginner through advanced users are welcome to explore the site as we learn sensor & project design for the modern era making useful projects. Not only that, but we teach you the why behind making projects, not just show you something cool you can build.

The STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) is a multi-billion dollar industry, & whether you’re a parent interested in getting your child(ren) started in programming or an adult venturing into a new hobby, this is the site to kick off your journey. Black Falcon Electronics is constantly getting updated with material, so be sure to check in or simply bookmark us for the latest article, document, or sensor review.

Site Features

1  We finally have programming kits for sale! Check out our products page to purchase our Sparrow Programming Kit, especially if you have kids you want to get into science & technology.

2. YouTube, which features a lot of my videos, though a special page will be made here that gives extra resources and background information on videos posted there.

3. Instagram is where continuous updates are made as well as teasers for videos to be posted on YouTube. Using the site’s Instagram and updates page (explained below) is a great way to stay informed about the site.

4. Updates page, which will alert you guys to upcoming and implemented content features on this site as well as teaser videos for my YouTube videos. New information will be posted on a biweekly basis, so be sure to check in!

5. Established Pages. If you look above at the menu bar, you’ll see a collection of static pages that are used for long standing info such as tutorials, tried and true advice from yours truly, or anything useful collected around the web that is of great benefit to you.

6. Blog Posts. This is where I post dynamic content such as updates on project progress or any information that is in the moment such as getting new pets or research material for a new system. All of this can be seen to the right of the site and is updated most often, so check in regularly! Clicking on the ‘Select Category Tab’ will bring up all blog posts with their respective tags such as ‘Arduino Tutorial’ or ‘Gardening’, which is a better way of navigating through all the posts.

7. Project Improver. Makers from around the world post their projects on many a sites to exhibit their micro- controller projects for all to see. In the Project Improver page, I take a sample project from a website and critique it and give suggestions on how to improve it and make it more robust. If you have any ideas, its a great opportunity to critique my work as well!