Project Castle Guardian

I finally have enough technical skill and time to create one of my most advanced projects. This project will consist of having a self-arming home monitoring system complete with an alarm and a satellite communication network. The Satcomm (satellite communication) unit will alert me via email if Castle Guardian is armed, disarmed, detects an individual & from where, as well as track their movements around the house. It will also have night vision IP cameras installed which upon activation will give me a bird’s eye view of the house complete with servos to adjust the angle. I intend on this system being nearly autonomous with the only activities requiring human input is the arming and disarming of the system.

I also intend to integrate Castle Guardian with my AARCS (Automated Animal Residency Control System) Unit, which has already been installed, but needs an upgrade. AARCS+ is the upgraded system complete with radio control, allowing each unit to communicate with Satcomm in cases such as the enclosure gets too hot/cold or if the humidity exceeds bounds. It’ll also allow me to monitor each AARCS+ enclosure at a glance anywhere around the world. This by far will be my most complicated project, & I’m ready to make it.

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Arduino Controlled Boat

Project ROWAN, or the R(emotely) O(perated) W(aterborne) A(rduino) N(avigator) is a remote controlled boat I’m planning to make for river/ocean navigation. Its a design I’ve seen other programmers build on Youtube & would like to make my own boat with the added function of being able to work remotely. The system itself is very complicated for me, but I’ll do my best to break down the subsystems so that its easy to understand while also not tripping myself up in the process.

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GPS Car Tracking: Initial Phase

My research is nearly complete and the verdict is in, I will assemble and test an improved arduino GPS car tracking unit using the Arduino microcontroller. Project Eagle Eye consists of using a GPS unit and recording a vehicle’s location history by using a data logger that also logs the time and date of each location snapshot. The point is to build an improved unit able to transmit location data wirelessly & not solely relying on retrieving the unit and analyzing its data physically.

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