Posting Schedule

Below are the projected projects, posts, and the like I plan make available on all my social media for the projected future. Please note that some topics/ projects will have a secret placeholder for super secret reasons. The schedule is a guide and not a hard-fast directive, so posts may happen sooner than expected or there may be new events that just pop up. This will be updated bi-weekly or earlier.

August 1st [Secret Sauce] Finalize investigation, setup, procurement

August 2nd – [Patreon] Project Castle Guardian Update, Project Black Gold Update posts.

August 6th – [Facebook | YouTube] Administrative Address

August 9th – [YouTube | Facebook] Publicize Patreon post

August 13th [Secret Sauce] 100% walk through

August 16th – [Secret Sauce] Publicize investigation, setup, procurement

August 17th [Patreon] Project Castle Guardian Update

August 20th [Project Improver] Post full update