GPS Car Tracker


Car GPS tracker capable of monitoring for ~13 days

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*No monthly line fees

*No extra charges


*Just plug it, mount it, forget it

All that’s required is you connect the positive and negative wires, mount the GPS antenna, and throw it underneath your vehicle. It does all the tracking for you.

The battery life is ~13 days, giving you plenty of data as to where your car has been, complete with time and date stamps on a removable SD card.

There are no settings to adjust, app to decipher, or customer service to yell at, just plug it up and throw it under your vehicle. Once the battery is spent hook it up to the charger it comes with and start the tracking all over again.

The map pictures you see are what you get after the data is autoprocessed in GPS Visualizer. It shows where the vehicle has been and how long its been there the larger the GPS data points are.

Comes with: 18650 Batteries (x4), 18650 charger, User Manual (saved to accompanying SD card), Eagle Eye GPS Unit.