Arduino Electronics Kits For Sale

We at Black Falcon Electronics have created arduino- based kits to teach adults and children how to program & make their first step into the STEM (Science Technology Engineering, Mathematics) field . The arduino nano micro controller as well as its associated sensors, programming notes, and how to videos is included in the password protected download, which will lasts forever & updates as needed to give you the best learning experience. This kit is for beginners to get a solid foot hold in programming and develop a solid foundational knowledge to build upon. More programming kits will be developed and stocked as the business expands according to customer needs. If you have any feedback don’t hesitate to contact us!


Sparrow Kit Contents:


2 Solderless Breadboard 5 RGB LEDs 5 Buttons
2 DHT22’s 2 IR Receivers 5 Diodes
2 Capacative Soil Moisture Sensors 2 IR Transmitters 5 1 K Ohm Resistors
2 Arduino Nanos 120 Wire Connectors 2 Potentiometers w/ Knob
2 USB Cords 1 PIR Sensors 1 High Powered Servo
2 Buzzers 1 IR Remote Power MOSFET
2 Relays 1 I2C LCD +2 Hours Of Demonstration Videos


Sparrow Kit Features:

  • Consistent programming tutorial file updates at no additional cost!
  • Gives any adult or child a solid stepping stone to enter the STEM field.
  • Great for  young adults competing in science fairs or technology competitions.

Steps To Purchasing Sparrow Kit:

  1. Login to Paypal (Below) and input credit card information and shipping address into their secure site.
  2. Download the tutorial files below.
  3. Upon receiving shipment, open up kit to receive the password needed to unlock the tutorial files.
  4. Enjoy your Sparrow Kit! Let us know if you have any feedback so we at Black Falcon Electronics can continuously deliver great products.


Tutorial Files Download Link