Arduino Controlled Airplane [28Apr20]

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DIY Arduino Controlled Airplane pt. 1

Project AURA Part 2: Airplane Directional & Speed Control with Hc-12


Project AURA stands for the A(utomated) U(nmanned) R(econnaissance) A(irplane), & will be manipulated by the arduino microcontroller without my control. Extensive testing will be required as this will be the replacement for Project ROWAN since there are a lot of timing & construction demands ROWAN requires that I’m not able to give. Though ROWAN is shelved it does not mean that it will be gone permanently, just for the time being. AURA by comparison requires a lot less time & effort being that all I must do is set up the code & conduct testing. Be that as it may, check in weekly for updates on this article since I’ll update the date next to the title as new information is provided.


What Is AURA?

AURA is an automated drone that I will program & test for FPV (First Person View) use as well as to demonstrate the power & capabilities of the arduino when used in a correct, legal & safe manner. A variety of sensors & codes will be utilized to ensure the plane doesn’t pose a risk to itself or anyone it may fly over as well as any associated property. Being that it will be exposed to high winds, birds of prey, malevolent kids & the like, I must take all things into consideration as I assemble the final product. Even without the external forces, I still must contend with potential internal issues such as the placement & proper securing of hardware, testing proper center of gravity, as well as ensuring the hardware can endure being exposed to the weather. Once these factors have been verified I will move on & extend the range for a more diversified view area.

Despite AURA having the term ‘reconnaissance’ in its name, by no means will it be used for any data collection or processing of human, business, or government activity when there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. Despite this promise on my part, there are still rules & regulations that must be followed in order to safeguard myself from any penalties under the law from city/state/federal law enforcement or associated agencies. So not only will I provide you most of the code required to build your own AURA, I will also discuss the laws that apply to you the maker if you’re in America. I’d hate you or myself to get in trouble with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)!

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Arduino Controlled RC Boat [30Mar19]

Project ROWAN

Project ROWAN is the Remotely Operated Waterborne Arduino Navigator, & will be the craft from which I pilot the drone down then back up the Missouri river. This post will be consistently updated as my progress advances by updating the title with the date as seen above.

The entire system will be controlled by the arduino microcontroller which is in charge of processing all sensory data & interfacing the controls given through the Internet &/or RF (radio frequency) to the drone using the HC12 & ESP8266. I’ve already tested the range to half a kilometer as seen in this video. The first test will be short range to keep ROWAN in my sights in case something went wrong & make secondary adjustments as necessary. Once I’m certain of the code’s execution I’ll extend it to long range control, meaning its farther away but still retrievable & finally remote control where a system failure likely means the end of ROWAN .

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Arduino Automated Compost (Documentation)

Project Black Gold:

(Manual Version)


  1. Construct an indoor compost able to maintain itself all year.

  2. Maintain compost heat to promote bacterial growth & breakdown of buried food items.

  3. Monitor soil moisture & hydrate it accordingly via RF signaling to water reservoir or alert user to dryness.

  4. Set automated timer that alert user to verify & replace soil moisture sensors as needed if corroded.

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Arduino Home Security System (Initial)

Project Castle Guardian


  1. Detect, alert, & actively monitor household when user is away via Amazon cloud camera & Arduino automation.

  2. Have system wirelessly activate & deactivate by user input to stop monitoring when at home.

  3. Develop camera manager unit that wirelessly manipulates all camera units via IR remote sensor.

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